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So these were actually all of my completed linocuts from 2022. Top left are the preserved bottle ovens of the Johnson's Sanitary Ware factory to the south of Hanley, top middle is Minkstone pottery's bottle oven in Longton / Normacot, top right is a 10cm square rendition of Caerphilly Castle which I made for this year's International Print Exchange . Middle row left is Dudson Museum's beautiful bottle in Hanley, centre is Fenton Roofscape with three flintkilns known locally as salt, pepper and vinegar, and right is St Bartholomew's Church, Blurton. The Wedgwood site linocuts at the bottom are massive departures for me, as they are both multiblock prints - I normally work in reduction, in other words, gradually cutting away at the same block for successive colours. Last but not least, St Bartholomew's again, as I used the same drawing again to make a Christmas card. I have a few works in progress, so these should be making themselves known soon!

  • Writer's pictureMary Parker

Welcome to my website, and to my blog - I'm intending to use this space as a collation of my weekly social media posts where I share my progress with each linocut. I am currently spending the majority of my work time on recording the historic bottle kilns and ovens of Stoke-on-Trent, which are preserved in various stages from the Victorian era of the pottery industry. I do occasionally digress into landscape or different buildings too, and with the beginning of a new year, I am also hoping to dip my toe into other printing methods such as collagraph. I hope you enjoy following my journey, and I will make an effort to keep this up to date!

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