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Catching up

This month I'm taking part in the Made In Staffs visibility challenge, making an effort to post every day along the daily theme. It's been a challenge to me as I've been posting more about myself than my work, so I've had to grit my teeth a bit as it's not my favourite thing! It's been good though, and cathartic in a way, and is definitely encouraging me to post daily in a way that I never would have thought I could.

I'm also grateful to have now finished both versions of 'Chetam's Pottery', the remaining part of their factory in Longton, Stoke-on-Trent. I was able to visit the site of Dolby Pottery in Stoke town yesterday and got some reference shots for a future piece of work. There are a lot of textures going on in there and I'm looking forward to exploring what I can do with them!

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