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New year, new work

So at the moment I'm working on a new set of bottle oven linocuts, single colour A5 re-workings of the smaller, very limited edition reduction prints, which I hope will be of interest to people. They'll be open editions (in other words I can re-print them as needed until the blocks break) and will be less expensive. In these tricky economic times, it's still lovely to be able to buy something cheery, but I well understand that art comes way down the list of essentials. However, artists also need to make a living so I'm hoping these will be a meeting in the middle.

In other news, I have a linocut, "Restoration"(below) in the Royal Cambrian Academy Open 2023 exhibition, which opened on the 7th of January and runs until the 25th of February. I am still stunned at having a piece accepted and enormously grateful, it's the first proper grown up exhibition I have ever been a part of and makes me feel that maybe I am a proper artist after all! If you can't make it to the exhibition, all of the work is available to view here for the duration of the show: Royal Cambrian Academy Open 2023

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